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No matter how long you’ve been DJing or how successful you are, a website helps legitimise you, especially if it’s slick and looks the business. Your website should have content about who you are, what you sound like, when you’ll be playing next, and where you’ve gigged at. By having all of these on your site, you’re giving potential clients and promoters reasons why they should book you.

If you don’t believe this, just take a look at how many DJs past a certain level of proficiency and career achievements have their own website. All the pros have it – shouldn’t you have one too?

A well-maintained homepage inspires confidence in potential clients because it shows your dedication as a professional. It conveys how serious you are about what you do, and how passionate you are. A Google search of your name (or DJ name, if you have one) where your personal website shows up is always a good thing.

A website with your name in the domain can get you higher Google search result rankings – this alone is more than enough reason to have even a very basic website with your name in the URL. Otherwise, the worst thing that can happen is if someone googles your name and the homepage of someone totally different shows up (especially if that person is a criminal / murderer / serial killer).

If you’ve already got a site but don’t pay much attention to it, start doing so. A regularly maintained website implies your dedication to DJing – it’s not a good sign if the last piece of “new” content on your site is from 2015. Always keep things fresh: it doesn’t have to be updated daily or weekly, but make sure there’s some new material on your site a couple of times a month at the very least.